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                      *** Scholarships have progressed.  We currently have FULL Scholarships for                          25  students to CADIN Colegio, a very good private school, plus 4 to University

This is the What's Now page for Providing Opportunity

We are breaking ground to build two new homes in Barrio Blanco on May 27, 2015 and lasting for    5 to 6 weeks.  If you want to come by, join in, send money or bring food or clothing, either contact me via email at ..    or come to the neighborhood and ask anyone where we are building.

My name is Ron Zauner, and I work full time "to help the People of Barrio Blanco"  in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  I use all of my effort for that, and don't have time to keep the web page current.  What I do, though, is I send out Donor Updates via email.  Often.  These are a much easier way for me to keep people informed about what is going on.

Yes, I would be best if the web-site were kept current too.

The web page for Providing was created in December, 2012.  It seems so very long ago...because we have accomplished so very much since then.

We use our money and effort to bring benefit directly into Barrio Blanco.  Every donation goes directly into the barrio.  My family pays all administrative and other costs so that we can do this.  A downside is that I can't afford to pay programmers to do continual web work, or advertise.  But, as mentioned, we accomplish a lot.  Since December 2012, here's a catch-up:

After removing 18 junk shacks and building new homes in place during Project 1, completed in September 2012, everyone was so pleased that we went forward with Project 2.  The second project was more efficient.  We were planning on limiting our building to 10 new homes, but added 20 !  And a New Medical Clinic building, which allowed us to move clinic services out of the school.

We completed Project 2 at the end of June, 2013, and you should see it !  Fantastic!

This picture on the left was a hand-out taken from a rooftop at the beginning of Project 2 in Jan. 2013.  The picture on the right was taken from the same direction, but on the ground.   It's true!

Really nice!  We even made a beautiful garden that was named "Gene's Garden" after Gene Stewart, a wonderful man who came from Oregon and worked his tail off to help these people.  Everybody loves Gene.

The DREAM Project has been running our school, and you should see what a job they do.  Beginning in August 2013, they taught 25 students aged 8 to 14 in their "Young Stars" program in the mornings, and Montessori school with a different 25 students in the afternoons.  These are both highly successful school programs.  DREAM not only provides 2 paid teachers for each class, but also has had 6 college students from Norway everyday in school.  Talk about special attention.  In fact, after Montessori, beginning in January, these Norwegians even taught English in the school!

Additionally, because about half of the children in Barrio Blanco are malnourished from donations to Providing Opportunity, we served "One nourishing meal per day" to each of 50 school children.  As an aside, this is our most expensive ongoing program costing $8500 yearly, and we can use help...yes. 

The school building has become the Community Center for the barrio.

In our new Medical Clinic, we pay for Mirian Placencio, our doctor, to provide clinic services 3 half days each week.  Earlier this year (2014) we began inoculating first the children (over 100) for 5 diseases (including DPT), and then over 100 adults.  Further, 2 weeks ago we began testing for Papillovirus.

Everything we do is FREE to the residents .... But.... The residents do the work.

This is important.  When any of us looks at "government housing", or even charity given housing where the beneficiaries are "given the keys", it doesn't take long before the residences and area look junky.  True?

Not so in Barrio Blanco.  The people built these homes.  They worked hard.  Very hard.  Their homes are theirs, and they have chosen colors, styles, and have added various touches that would surprise you.  And the residents are proud and protective of their homes.
Now, we are intent on providing scholarships to the children of Barrio Blanco; the future.  You can become part of this, and we could surely use your help.  June 30, 2014 ... today ... these are some of our happy children beginning Summer School at CADIN Colegio.  Imagine that...happy for summer school!  All have known hunger. They are happy because they already know that this is their chance for a better future
And this is our chance to help.      Elianny is front left....and taken...she's my #1 girlfriend, and smart as a whip. 

What is especially unique with Providing Opportunity is that you know where and how money you donate is spent.  We show you.  It's personal.

So....if you'd like to know more, or be kept current on our progress....send an email to  Your name and email will not be used given to any others, and will only be used to show progress.

Thanks, Ron

Providing Opportuntiy
85017 Willamette St.
Eugene, Oregon   97405

tele  (541) 844-9745

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